Calicoan Island

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Bounded by The Pacific Ocean on the east and Leyte Gulf on the west, this 1,600 hectare island is considered the Jewel of the Pacific coast.  Miles of white sand beaches, dramatic coralline landscapes, cathedral caves, and powerful surfing waves characterize the Pacific side of Calicoan, while the Leyte Gulf side features calm and clear water ideal for swimming and watersports.  There are 6 saltwater lagoons ringed by forest along the interior of Calicoan.


Half of the island is covered by lush tropical forest containing exotic species of flora and fauna, such as rare birds, civet cats, and  curious Macaque monkeys.  The forest has been declared a protected area by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources.


The surrounding waters are some of the most abundant in natural resources anywhere. Big gamefish such as tuna, marlin, swordfish and mahi-mahi are caught regularly in the waters between Calicoan and Sulu-an island.   Large mangrove crabs can be found on the island’s northern tip. Lobsters are known to be caught off the waters of Ngolos Beach, right in front of the Ocean Villas! 

In the calmer waters of the Leyte Gulf, sea cucumbers, sea grapes, and tropical reef fish abound.  A pearl and giant clam farm is nearby.



Its Remarkable History

In 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan first made landfall in nearby Homonhon island when he discovered the Philippines for Spain.

The island’s strategic location and bountiful resources made it a major staging area for American forces during the second world war.


Close to 100,000 U.S servicement were assigned in Calicoan and its surrounding areas. In October 1944, hundreds of U.S and Japanese warships clashed off the shores of Calicoan in what became known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval engagement in world history.


ABCD Surf Beach





Just 3kms away from the Ocean Villas is ABCD Beach. Short for Advanced Base Construction Depot, this former WW2 American Supply Base is now known as the site of Calicoan’s world-class surfing action.

Click here to view Surfermag Article by John Callahan

click to see video of abcd beach surfing action


The Bomber Runway

Just 15 minutes away from the Ocean Villas, is a 7,000 foot runway capable of handling large commercial jets.

The runway, is the remaining one of 3 that were built during WW2 to accommodate American B-17, B-24, and B-29 bombers enroute to Saipan and the Marianas.

It remains in excellent condition with regular resurfacing. The airport terminal has recently been refurbished and is now ready to accommodate upcoming commercial flights to Guiuan.




The WW2 P.T (Patrol Torpedo) Boat Basin still intact is the future site of Calicoan Island’s Yacht Club.








Calicoan Island is connected to the main municipality of Guiuan via causeway. Guiuan exudes a laid-back charm not found in many places today. A well-preserved 16th century church is the centerpiece of the town.



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